How to Make WhatsApp Secure?

Nowadays WhatsApp is being used so extensively by almost every Smartphone user across the globe that it looks like a basic necessity for life. Moreover, every day over 800 million active exchanges over 35 billion instant messages, which include countless private messages, as well as personal data like photos and videos making it vulnerable. Although, WhatsApp has the best encryption mechanism in place, securing all data of its users from any invasion, but still the users himself has to be mighty conscious about safeguarding its app and its internal data from going into the wrong hands. Especially, teenagers are sharing their private pictures and videos on WhatsApp and also sharing love and romantic status on their profiles and not keeping anything secure. They’re in real danger.

There are some simple things that every WhatsApp user can do to make their WhatsApp more secure. Down below are these few tips that will help WhatsApp users to make their private messages and other data safer.

Use App Lock:

There are plenty of third party free apps that allows its user to set a password, pin and even set the pattern lock for WhatsApp. So, make use of these free apps from play store and install and use them to lock your WhatsApp with a password that only you are aware of. By doing this no one other than you will be able to open  your WhastApp from your device , because it would be password protected.

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Block WhatsApp Photos & Videos from Going into Device Gallery:

This is the most annoying thing of WhatsApp that images and video clips shared with you by any of your contacts automatically downloaded and appear in your device gallery. Nevertheless, the solution of this issue has now been provided by the WhatsApp developers somewhat, now you can simply stop automatically download of media files from WhatsApp settings. But this is not the real solution because it will only stop the automatic media download and make it manual for user to decide upon, which file they want to download that’s it. This way you still are not be able to appear in the gallery.

The way out of it is to install any third party file explorers from Android app store and locate WhatsApp’s ‘Images’ and ‘Videos’ folders. Then create a file within each folder called ‘.nomedia’. This will stop Android device gallery from scanning the images and videos folder.

Make Use of WhatsApp Web Carefully:

As, WhatsApp has provided a knack to make use of their favorite WhatsApp instant messaging and file sharing by syncing it with your web browser. Undoubtedly, the feature is amazing letting millions of users to enjoy instant messaging and file sharing on the bigger screen with WhatsApp Web, but there is a vulnerability aspect of it as well. Suppose, you are using WhatsApp  web from your office chair and leave it open for a while to attend a mobile phone call, what if any of the other office staff members witness your instant messages from your computer screen.  Therefore, be careful while using WhatsApp from your web browser and log out aptly, before leaving the computer on which you were using it.

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